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The Indian Express Newspaper Ads can be placed in diverse categories. These include Matrimonials (Brides Wanted and Grooms Wanted), Property (buy, sell, lease and rent real estate), Change of Name, Lost and Found, Motor Vehicles, Missing Persons, Business, Retail, Finance, Obituaries, Remembrances, Situations Vacant (and Wanted) and many more. Each of these has its own rates and some periodically offer rebates, discounts and/or special package deals. Matrimonial Classified: For booking advertisements in Matrimonial Classified through to help the needs of finding brides and grooms. Talk: For booking advertisements in Talk on alternate week days through reflecting the life of the sophisticated urban population in respect of cuisine, hobbies and habits. Express Newline: For booking advertisements in Express Newline on alternate week days through –with ground-breaking local news, revealing common people grievances and presenting updates of every local happening. Cinema & Television: For booking advertisements in Cinema & Television through on cinema and television, presenting gossip, celebrity interviews, movie reviews and the like. Express Estates: For booking advertisements in Express Estates on Saturdays through on a supplement that provides buy, sell, lease, and rent advertisements in wide-ranging sectors and categories of readers. Reviews: For booking advertisements in Reviews through – on expert reviews about newly. Eye: For booking advertisements in Eye every Sunday through – a Sunday special magazine with a vibrant look covering exclusive topics for everyone’s interest, discusses about a renowned celebrity, social issues and many others topics.


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